Leopard Caught in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad is Safe and Secure But Unfortunate for Two Leopard Cubs in KPK.

The Leopard caught in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad has been safely rescued by Islamabad Wild Life Management Board and the leopard is in good health. The Leopard is currently in IWMB’s rescue and rehab center. The Leopard is also been named by IWMB’s staff as “Deeatichay”. The operation to capture the leopard in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad took almost 6 hours. Three people were injured including IWMB’s two staff members. By grace of Allah there were no Fatalities.

A lot of crowd was gathered around the leopard in awe ,excitement and fear. Videos of leopard were circulating in the social media by people gathered around the leopard. By grace of Allah no one was critically injured. Pictures of bite marks of Leopard on a DHA security guard were also circulating in the social media.

From sources it is been circulated that the Leopard was kept as a Pet by a private owner who is also resident of DHA. The Leopard’s are very aggressive animal and past behaviors have shown if they feel threatened or feel danger they attack anyone they see as their prey. The Leopard was not wild animal otherwise it would have attack the neck of their prey. But this Leopard target mostly the back of a person. The Leopards are usually territorial animals and that is the reason they are so aggressive unlike pride lions who roam in groups.

DHA security and Rescue 112 tried their best to capture the Leopard but were failed to do so. They called Islamabad Wild Life Management at 4:20 pm. After long hours effort the Leopard was successfully tranquilized and captured by the Authorities. The Islamabad Police has also opened a criminal investigation against the unknown person who has domesticated the Leopard.

Unfortunate for Two Leopard Cubs

Unfortunately we cannot say the same thing for the two leopard cubs that were killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Tirah Valley. The Locals killed the two cubs. The cubs were killed in Dara Adam Khel area. The Wildlife Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Police had successfully  raided the area and recovered the two bodies of Leopard cubs and the two people were also arrested. Strict actions has to be taken against Deforestation in Pakistan. The IUCN lists leopards as “near threatened” and warns their population is rapidly disappearing.  

Saidpur Model Village

In November 2022, Leopards entered several housed in Saidpur Model Village in Margalla Hills spreading fear among the locals . The Locals had said they spotted four leopards in the village.  We also come to know that leopard skins and canine teeth are widely traded in Africa, and leopard poaching is common in Asia. There are 250,000 leopards left in the world. So strict action must be taken for Protection of Leopards. Below listed are video Links related to Leopard caught in DHA Phase 2 Islamabad

Credit also goes to Capital Development Authority Pakistan, DHA Police, Rescue 112 and Islamabad Wild Life Management Board 

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